Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Dewa Athena


          Dewa Athena, what is Dewa Athena? Dewa Athena is the indonesian language of God Athena. Well literally yes, but it is much more than that, it is an annual event that is held to give chances for the students of 3 Senior High School to compete representing their own classes against other classes. The sports that are going to be competed are Badminton, Indoor Football, Gobak Sodor, Dodge Ball, Basketball, Tug of War, and many more. This event main purpose is to reveal hidden potentials that are inside students. Because sometimes we learned theories too much while we forget about keeping our own body healthy.

          The event took place at Bali Field, about seven o'clock. I arrived there about 6.30, and I decided to explore Bandung for about 45 minutes first, I went to McDonald's and had a breakfast there. When I arrived at Bali Field again, the commitee is taking a note on who were absent at that time. After that, I got an information that my role for badminton will be at 10.25, so I went to my friend's house and took a rest for about two hours there, that was a very good quality time. After I woke up, I bought a hot coffee, very nice. It was already 10.15, I went to the gymnasium and I waited for the player before me to finish their game. Finally, I lose the game as I didn't take it too serious, all that mattered was that I had fun that time.

          The event took place at Bali Field, about seven o'clock. I arrived there about 6.30, and I decided to explore Bandung for about 45 minutes first, I went to McDonald's and had a breakfast there. When I arrived at Bali Field again, the commitee is taking a note on who were absent at that time. After that, I got an information that my role for badminton will be at 10.25, so I went to my friend's house and took a rest for about two hours there, that was a very good quality time. After I woke up, I bought a hot coffee, very nice. It was already 10.15, I went to the gymnasium and I waited for the player before me to finish their game. Finally, I lose the game as I didn't take it too serious, all that mattered was that I had fun that time.

A photo of my class

          About one month before the event was held, the commitee told us to make a jersey per class, and we wore it with proud at that event. I don't care what the others are saying about our jersey, I love it. Well the event lasted until 3 pm, but I couldn't follow the event until the finisih as I had to go to my farm at Ciwidey. I stayed there until about 2 PM after we won the indoor football. I was so proud that my class won about 70% of the sports branches aw yeah.

          I would like to thank the commitee for this event that filled my holiday with such event. I had so much fun that day. Beside that, I felt like that my body was refreshed and I felt free.

          I think thas's all from me, thank you guys.


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Cross Word Puzzle



1. Causal Conjunction
2. Happy; enjoyment
3. To form a hole by moving soil
4. Holy book of Islam
5. A pattern of sound in music
6. Road vehicle
7. Unexpected and chosen by chances
8. To stop someone for being killed
9. To show enjoyment of something
10. A substance in a form like air
11. A large, angry crowd
12. To show an exact position
13. To move by turning over
14. To steal things
15. Only; simply
16. Used to be


1. To discover(past)
2. Intelligent quotient
3. Related to drawing or painting
4. A young person
5. A period of time with no fixed end
6. A place to keep animal
7. A person who is controlling
8. Regular work
9. Allowed by law
10. To steal something
11. Used for sleeping
12. To refer to a group that include the speaker
15.    A behave that is difficult to stop

The Mysterious Nature

“If you look deeply into nature, you will understand everything better.” Who said that? Albert Einstein. One of the famous physician that is well-known for his contributions to the modern physics. What are his tricks on doing so? If we see one of the quotes that I picked on the first sentence. One of his trick on doing so is to look deeply into the nature. Before we look deeply into the nature, we have to understand the meaning of nature itself. Well, nature is actually still an ambiguous word, but mainly, it is a creative and force that is controlling the universe. But, some people just said that it is just a spontaneous action that happens in the universe, but I don’t agree with it, nature is much more than that.

            One of the very important elements to the nature is animal. There are estimatedly 8.7 millions species on the earth, whether it is land-based, water-based, or air-based animals. This enormous number actually keeps growing as new species getting discovered from time to time. There are so many species that are important for human, even if that there are also some species that are dangerous for human being. Whatever, I believe this species have their own rights to live together with us, human beings. Unfortunately, there are species that are already extinct years or centuries ago. Whatver, here we are, humans, a product of billions of years evolution, an intelligent and an almost-perfect being, doing our own way to live and to understand our role in this universe, our role in this nature.

            Beside animal, the other important element of the nature is plants. Plants, there are about 500.000 species of plants on earth. Each of them has their own uniqueness to share with us. Plants are very important to human being as it acts as a producer of food and the bottom of the food chain on earth. Beside that, plants also contribute on serving oxygen for human beings and also animals. Pioneer plants are very important as the key on creating an ecosystem. Without that, there are a lot of ecosystems that would not exist. We, as the leader of the earth, just like what the Al-Quran said, must preserve what God had given to us, we must do a mutualism-symbiosis to the surroundings, whether it be animals or plants.

            Nature is a very sensitive thing, if we don’t preserve it right, it may give us a disaster, a very dangerous disaster. Natural disaster may happen with or without our participations. Some disasters happen naturally while the others are not. We, human beings must prevent the disasters however we can, as these disasters are risking our own live beside the others. Disasters such as floods, avalanche, global warming, and many others are preventable, so that, we must participate however we can, as we are the only creatures that are able to prevent it, but also, we are able to boost it even further. Actions such as smoking, littering, stepping on the grass, cutting out trees without replanting it, and many others will destroy the earth, sooner or later.

            Therefore, I would like to ask all the readers to preserve this nature as this is the only thing that will let us survive or let us extinct ( beside God ). Nature, let’s enjoy it while we can, but don’t enjoy it too much so that we are destroying it. Let’s enjoy it while preserving it, like going for a walk, growing local plants, taking care of animals, and many other activities that we could do that is not hurting the nature, on the contrary, we also help the nature.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Precious person

Hello peeps!

At this moment, I would like to tell you about precious people in my life that helped me continue my daily life in the last week.

But, before that, just keep in mind that the very precious people in my life since I was born are my parents. I loved them so much and I know I can’t pay their service with anything in my life. But, everyone loves their parent so much, so I just want to tell you about a person that helped me carry on my life, which is my farm caretaker, uncle Cece.
Hasil gambar untuk kebun ciwidey
Farm at Ciwidey

It all happened during the last holiday when my family and I went to Ciwidey to visit our farm there since it was the time to harvest my carrots. Before we harvest the carrots, we prepared ourself at my farm caretaker's house. While preparing ourself, uncle Cece told me a lot about farming things, he told me the tips and trick on harvesting carrots and also planting.

When we were harvesting the carrots at the farm, I was doing it with spirit. I was not doing it really good since it was my first time doing it, uncle Cece taught me alot about it. When I was harvesting carrots, suddenly I saw a snake. Well, it wasn't really that big, but I was so scared about it. Luckily, uncle Cece was so professional about it, he caught that snake easily with style.

After capturing snake, he went to the market to receive the payment of the harvested carrots from the croupier, the carrots were priced at Rp 1500 / kilogram. But sadly, every sack of carrots that we use to collect the carrots are counted for about 20 kilograms, they said that it was for the weight of the dirts that are sticking to the carrots itself. I don't really remember how many kilograms we got from that harvest, but I do remember that it was pretty good. I don't really care about the money we received haha, all I keep in mind is that it was a very good time that uncle Cece taught me about many things about farming, and I feel grateful to him.

That experience really gave me a pretty good lesson that farmers' job actually pretty hard, their job requires so many professionalities and skills for not that big wage. Sometimes their job even may risk their life from wild animals such as snake and also poisonous plants may hurt them or even kill them.

Well, thak you uncle Cece for the experiences that gave me lessons and meanings to this life. I don't know what should I give to you in returns, thank you so much.

Well, that's it guys, I guess it is a goodbye for now, see you later.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Holiday Trip

Hello, peeps!

It has been a long time since I published something on my blog.

          This time, I would like to tell you about how was my last school holiday. Well actually, I didn't really go somewhere pretentious as my father wasn't able to take a vacation. But actually, I went to some places.

          On the holiday, My family and I went to Ciwidey. There, I visited some places to fill my spare time in the holiday. On the first day, my family and I went to our farm there. We went there because it was the time to harvest the carrots. Before going to the farm, we went to my uncle's house to prepare ourself. There, we met our farm caretaker and talked about a few things. After that, I wore my boots, but before that, I wrapped my feet in plastic bags so that the sweat that came out of my feet wouldn't make my feet stuck inside the boots.

          We went to the farm, actually, it was my first time going there because I was so busy with school so I couldn't join my family to go there. My first reaction when I saw the farm was "wow", the magnificent view of the mountains surrounding my farm, the refreshing natural morning mist, and the freezing atmosphere amazed me. Before I started harvesting, my farm caretaker taught me about some things that we should and we shouldn't do at the farm, he also told me about some tips and tricks when harvesting the carrots. After paying attention to the farm caretaker, I started harvesting the carrots. At first, I thought that harvesting carrots would be easy, actually it didn't. Harvesting carrots isn't easy, you have to put a perfect force and a perfect angle to pull the carrots, if you put too much force, the carrots stem would break apart and the carrot would get stuck inside the soil.

          In the Afternoon, we took a rest whilst having a lunch at my uncle's house. I was very tired that I felt asleep for about an hour and a half, that was a very good sleep indeed. After taking a rest, my family and I went to eMTe Highland Resort and rented a bungalow. Whilst my family was taking our luggage inside the bungalow, I took a hot bath there, that was the best feeling in my life, the freezing atmosphere there mixed with the hot water was just perfect, I enjoyed it for about one hour and a half until my hands started wrinkling. When I got out of the bath, suddenly a freezing air stroke my body, I wore my clothes as quick as possible because I didn't want to die freezing there. My family and I stayed overnight there, it was really really freezing, so freezing that I had a weird dream which I was trapped inside a refrigerator, huft..

          On the next day, my family went to Situ Patenggang and visited Glamping Lakeside Resort where we met Ridwan Kamil and his family enjoying their holiday there. At the Glamping Lakeside Resort, we enjoyed hot coffee inside a transparent tent facing a lake, beautiful isn't it? We stayed there until the midnight where we celebrated the New Year's Eve. There were so many fireworks that fireworks sound was literally the only thing I could hear at that time, it was a really beautiful moment indeed, my family and I had a nice time grilling corns, I love it.

Glamping Lakeside Resort

          After we had a nice time celebrating the New Year's Eve, we went back to eMTe Highland Resort, we took a rest there for a few hours, well actually I took a hot bath again because it was really good.. After my family took a rest, we went back to Bandung, it took about 4 hours to reach Bandung since the traffic jam was really really bad..

          After I reached home, I took a rest and there it was, my holiday ended.. I filled my remaining holiday staying at home playing games or going out playing with friends, nothing really interesting.

          Well, that's all guys... I think this is the time where i have to say goodbye. Peace...


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Antarctica Internet Cafe Advertisement

             Hello everyone, welcome to The Antarctica Internet Cafe. Antarctica Internet Cafe is one of the most beautiful internet cafe in Indonesia. Even though, it is not really big, but it has air conditioner, powerful computer, and a very comfortable place.

           Antarctica Internet Cafe is located at 3 Senior High School, do you know that Antartica Internet Cafe is very very comfortable? Antartica Internet Cafe has a very soft cotton chair and a well designed computer set that will fit your style in playing computer.

             Antarctica Internet Cafe's features are 6000 DPI mouse, 4k display monitor, razer p9678 mechanic keyboard, lenovo high performance gaming cpu, soft cotton chair, motivating decorations, high definition speaker, and ionized air conditioner.

           But, there are some rules to obey, first, you must not wear any kind of shoes, second, you must not bring any kind of food, third, you must not break any part of the internet cafe,

           Thank you and please enjoy your time at Antarctica Internet Cafe, goodbye.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Greenland, but not really green

Greenland, The Not Really Green Country.

        Greenland is an autonomous country within the Danish Realm, located between the arctic and atlantic ocean, east of Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though, physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe (specifically Norway and Denmark, the colonial powers, as well as the nearby island of Iceland) for more than a millennium.

          Greenland is a very very wonderful country, with a very very extreme climate, the sun will not rise on the winter season but it will always rise, from day to night on the summer season, but who doesn't love adventure right? The climate is so extreme that people who want to come there need to adapt and work hard to be able to survive there. Greenland is filled with paradoxes and also mysterious things. Especially on the way how people there adapt on economy, culture, and climate change.

The Midnight Sun Phenomenon
           Greenland has so many nature phenomenons. This thing is caused by the geographic position of Greenland which makes people love this country. Almost everyone think that Greenland is a place where almost of its land is green, full of grass, or whatever. Actually there is hardly any green land on Greenland, the origin of the name "Greenland" is somehow still on debate. Well, the biggest theory is that when Viking people were still there, the coast was still green.
The Northern Ligts: Aurora
              The dancing northern lights in the night sky are a sight for the gods which winter holidaymakers in Greenland will in all likelihood come to experience. From early autumn the night sky is regularly illuminated by the northern lights' green glow.The northern lights - or Aurora Borealis as it is officially known - actually occur all year round, but cannot be seen during the summer months in Greenland due to the midnight sun. The phenomenon is often seen around midnight and is best experienced on a dark, clear night in the period from September to the beginning of April.

This is my dream place, what's yours?


1. Where is the exact location of Greenland?
           a. Between the Indian Ocean and Pasific Ocean.
           b. East of Africa
           c. Between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.
           d. North of the Indian Ocean.
           e. South american.

2. What are the examples of Greenland nature phenomenon?
           a. Waterfall and rainbow
           b. The midnight sun and aurora
           c. Crepuscular ray and green flash
           d. Sunbow and sun dog
           e. Monochrome rainbow and haze

3. What is the biggest theory of the origins of "Greenland" name?
           a. When Viking people were still there, the coast was still green
           b. Viking people's language of "ice" is the same as "green"
           c. Because there are so many nature phenomenals.
           d. The flag of Viking is green.
           e. The sky there is so green.

4. When is the best time to see the aurora?
           a. From early autumn to winter.
           b. From September to the beginning of April
           c. From May to August.
           d. Only in summer.
           e. All year round

5. Since when Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe?
           a. Since the America claim the land.
           b. Since Viking came to Europe to trade some spices.
           c. Since more than a millenium ago.
           d. Since Europe declared a trading policy to Greenland.
           e. Since Greenland joined the United Nations